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The Genesis of Creator's Touch

So you want to know more about Creator's Touch.
Well, gosh. . . where do I start?

I've always been interested in photography. But in the past several years, I've gotten interested in digital. All that I know, I learned mostly from my photographer son, Leon. He's the Photoshop Expert!

When we lived in Pennsylvania, I started photographing birds, mostly for identification. Then, I found the Birding Forum on and entered a contest and won. I then entered a picture of a dragon fly  in the state-wide Penn Lines magazine and won first place! Not only did I win 50 bucks but I also got a big write up in the local newspaper as well! That's when all my cheerleaders began to encourage me to continue. I got a temp job to buy a Nikon Coolpix 5700. After I got my Nikon, I discovered macro! It was so fun to see how close I could get to the center of a flower.  It's the best way to capture God's creative handiwork. 

The more details I get in a shot, the more in awe of His creation I am.  Sometimes, only through my photos am I able to see the amazing details of God's amazing artwork and detail. And many times, I see what a great sense of humor He has as well!

Some people crave hot fudge sundaes, I crave taking pictures of flowers and butterflies. I get antsy if a couple days pass and I haven't shot a picture of something! It is then that I have to go somewhere and shoot photos of wild flowers or weeds.  Many times, those are the moments I capture the best pictures. For example, the other day, I took a picture of a bee with
n baskets on his legs! What an amazing thing! Here. . . I'll show you!

See the brown sacks on his sides? I thought they were ticks!
But, I posted the picture on the Birding Forum and someone told me all about pollen baskets.

Oops, I'm getting sidetracked.
That's how I get most of my photos, by accident. Okay, back to the beginning of my story, Genesis.

My computer was so full of photographs that I wanted to share with people! One night, I showed a friend some of  my pictures. She was in awe and I was humbled. I never thought about 'SELLING' my photography.  I was certainly not an expert photographer! And, I can't even grasp what an f-stop is, or what aperture is. God knows, my son and husband have tried desperately to explain it. But I just want to take pictures!  Cheri convinced me to give the greeting card business a try.

My husband has encouraged me every step of the way as well, so here I am, selling my photography through greeting cards & prints in any size.

Thank you for visiting The Genesis of Creator's Touch!